• Branding VMware Horizon

    A lot of our partners have expressed interest in branding the VMware Horizon landing and log-in HTML pages. VMware Horizon’s landing page offers some customization, including the ability to change the background and the VMware Horizon images. Below, you will find a screenshot that highlights the two images you can…

  • Fix Microsoft Teams Performance or Crashes

    Is your customer running into issues with Microsoft Teams slowing down, taking up a lot of resources (CPU/RAM) or experiencing crashes with Microsoft Teams on Adeptcloud? If so, the fixes below may resolve the issue your user is having and we highly recommend that you follow these troubleshooting steps in…

  • Chrome 79 Audio Playback Issues

    If you’re experiencing issues with the audio playback not working correctly within Chrome version 79, this article will help you resolve this issue. Chrome Sound Issues on Adeptcloud: Chrome version 79 has put audio in sandbox mode by default which stops audio playback within the Horizon environment. Making the registry…

  • VMware Blast Extreme Group Policy Options

    VMware Horizon comes standard with an Extras Bundle that includes ADMX templates to control nearly every aspect of Horizon, including ThinPrint and other protocol-specific group policies. The article below goes over some of the Blast Extreme Protocol Group Policy Options that every partner can apply on the Active Directory server. These policy options will allow you to limit or enable Blast Extreme Protocol features as you see fit. 

  • Quickbooks: Setting Default Printers

    Quickbooks provides users with the ability to set default printers for specific forms. 

    You can set up the default printer for different kind of transactions by doing the following:

  • How to submit a ticket

    Thank you for being an Adeptcloud Partner. As you may be aware, Adeptcloud provides all MSP partners with Tier 2+ technical support. We have some requirements from partners when submitting tickets or escalating issues. A complete Partner Support Responsibility document is included in your Partner Agreement. That document outlines the…

  • Connecting to Unified Workspace on Windows

    In this article, we’ll walk you through how to connect to Unified Workspace using VMWare Horizon on Windows. If you do not already have Horizon for Windows, you can download it here. Video Instructions Ensure that you have VMWare Horizon for Windows installed on your PC. If you do not, download…

  • Connecting Using HTML5

    All partners and their customers have the options of connecting using the Horizon Client as well as over HTML5. Users should connect using the Horizon Client due to the limited functionality of the HTML5 connections. For the best client experience, we recommend that all users connect using the thick client.