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Quickbooks: Setting Default Printers


Quickbooks provides users with the ability to set default printers for specific forms.

You can set up the default printer for different kind of transactions by doing the following:

  1. Go to File
  2. Select ‘Printer Setup’
  3. Click on the ‘Form Name’ drop-down and then choose a transaction.
  4. Click on the ‘Printer Name’ drop-down arrow and then choose the printer you’d like to set as the default for that form.
  5. Click OK

If you would like to change these settings on more than one form/transaction, repeat the steps above and choose the appropriate form.

Please keep in mind that if you are setting Redirected Printers as the default for any of the forms, the settings will revert back once the printer is no longer redirected. In order to retain the default printer, the printer in question must be added directly by IP (through the use of Site-to-Site VPN’s or redirected ports that have ACL rules in place to only allow traffic from your client’s cloud VLAN IP).

Updated on February 24, 2021

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