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How to submit a ticket

Thank you for being an Adeptcloud Partner.

As you are aware Adeptcloud provides all MSP partners with Tier 2+ technical support.

We have some requirements from partners when submitting tickets.



Write here what your issue is, such as: users cant print, or, we are receiving an error when logging in.



  • Give us all the details such as: what have you tried to resolve the issue, if you have taken any steps to try and replicate the issue. Remember Adeptcloud relies on you to provide the tier 1 support to your clients and escalate issues that you were unable to resolve.
  • Pictures: give us the visual (when applicable) to see the problem or specific error.
  • Did the client get an error message? Jot it down and send it in. This will help us immensely in resolving your issue faster.
  • Who is the affected client? What is the server name? (Make sure we know the who and the what. When in doubt give us the full hostname of the server) This will help expedite service and ensure we’re looking at the affected machine.
  • When was the issue reported to you?



  • ¬†Issues preventing users from logging in, service restoration, and data restoration will take precedence above all other tickets.
  • ¬†Inconvenient issues such as printing, opening ports, adjusting resources, and issues that are not causing a major outage will receive a response within 2 hours.

Proper support channels:

These are the only acceptable way to notify Adeptcloud of an issue.

Updated on September 3, 2019

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